Friday, August 12, 2011

Build Your Own Website On Mobile With MTNL

MTNL has rolled out "Mobile Website Builder Service", which allows anyone and everyone to create a website. The service is particularly useful for small enterprises looking for a web presence.

MTNL has tied up with Akmin to launch a mobile website builder. The mobile website can be built in less than 5 minutes and can be published for wider access in seconds. There are more than 20 templates to choose from and the websites built on MTNL’s builder will work on low-end mobile phones too.

Best part about MTNL’s mobile website builder is, you can build a website right from your phone. Watch a demo here and see it for yourself. Check this link for the website built in the demo.

Prashanth, managing director, Akmin Technologies, “An extensive suite of design templates, simple instruction prompts, no plugins and downloads, allow even novices to create a mobile & PC website. Once published, users can quickly and easily add forms, upload videos, photos to update content to keep their sites current."

Talking about this latest service, A.K. Bhargava, executive director, Wireless Service, MTNL, said, “Since a website can be created easily within minutes from a mobile phone by this service, our customers will find it extremely useful to publish their identity on the web. This simple service will allow everyone from students, professionals, small offices, SME customers and government agencies to publish their mobile & PC websites to meet their personal and business requirements.”

“As India’s internet usage builds up, the need to quickly create and publish personalized web sites will grow” said Sridhar Pai T., CEO of Tonse Telecom, an independent telecom research and consulting firm. “Indian Internet experience is largely on the mobile phone and this is a great way to create websites that work on all mobile devices & the PC, increase business reach and is bound to trigger increased broadband traffic”. This Service will be available to MTNL users in just RS.75 per month.

How to initiate the service?

MTNL mobile users will need to send SMS “MSITE” to 55012 from their MTNL mobile phone. Full service details are provided at the site accessible both via mobile as well as personal computer.