Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Top 61 Universities Uses Google Apps For Education

U.S. News released their 2012 rankings for Colleges. Among Top 100 Universities, 61 choose Google Apps for Education.

US News released rankings of 1,600 schools including National University Rankings, Liberal Arts College Rankings, Best Value Schools and others. Among these rankings Google revealed in a official posts on their blog that out of Top 100 Universities, 61 choose to use Google Apps for Education.

Tom Mills, Director of Education, Google wrote,

We’re thrilled that 61 of this year’s top 100 universities have chosen Google Apps for Education to help improve communication and collaboration on campus. We’re proud to see such historic institutions moving to the world of 100% web."

Some of the top Universities that uses Google Apps are:

Yale University # Ranked third among National University Rankings
Brown University # Ranked Fifteenth among National University Rankings
Vanderbilt University # Ranked Seventeenth among National University Rankings
Boston University # Ranked Fifty Third among National University Rankings

Free Access, Courtesy to Google

To show the appreciation to these great schools, and to help students better explore and evaluate their college options, a free offer of one year access to the U.S. News complete rankings is now available for anyone who registers before Friday, September 16.

To Register for free access follow the link below:
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That's great, so many top universities uses Technology as a part of Education. Blend use of Technology with Education is doing wonders around the world.

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We just hope that more and more Universities uses Tech as their integral part of teaching.

Do post comment as your views.