Thursday, August 11, 2011

Facebook Messenger App now available for iPhone and Android

Facebook released a brand new (separate) app, called Facebook Messenger for the iPhone and Android devices. It combines all of your messages into a single app and can be used to text your Facebook buddies via your profile or text message, via your carrier.

The app works on iOS 4.0 or higher versions on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. On Android, the Messenger works on Android 2.2 Froyo or higher.

Because Facebook Messenger is a stand-alone application, the user will have to log into it separately. This app also provides integration with the Address Book on the device and thus lets the user chat on Facebook. In a way, Facebook Messenger app being cross-platform from day one is going to give competition to BlackBerry Messenger app iMessage on iOS devices, and several WhatsApp-like messengers.

Facebook Messenger aims to give you a better way of reaching your friends and contacts by unifying your entire correspondence with everyone (social network friends, email and phone contacts) into one single app. The Facebook Messenger is an extension of the Facebook messages service and you can send messages to your online friends, but you can also send texts to your acquaintances the regular SMS way.

Starting up the app brings you to a list, consisting of all your Facebook messages. To write a message to someone you just tap the compose icon in the top right corner and start typing the person’s name. If a person has more than one number to his/hers contact details the app prompts you to select which number to use. You can, naturally, just select Facebook messages and send an online message.

Besides chat, the hidden code in the app reveals that Facebook Messenger is capable of video chat as well. Now, that would really make the best of devices that have front facing cameras.

At this moment, Facebook Messenger is not available worldwide, but it is expected to be available globally in sometime.

Here are some direct download links to the apps:
Android :
iPhone, iOS :

Facebook Official Page :

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