Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Version of Skype uses VP8 - Download

First for those of you who don't know what is VP8?
Well VP8 is an open video compression format released by Google, originally created by On2 Technologies.

Google’s VP8 encoder has really taken off in HTML5, as Google took care to ensure cross-browser support, and the support a major video streaming website – Google’s own YouTube – right as it launched. Since then Google has been working on improving both the speed and the quality of the VP8 codec.

VP8 is supported by major browsers such as Firefox. IE, Chrome and Opera.

A recently released version of Skype also uses VP8 for video calling, one-on-one or for group calls.

This means better quality and lower bandwidth requirements. Of course both (or all) participants on the conversation need to be using a version of Skype that supports VP8, i.e. version 5.5 or higher.

You can download the latest VP8 SDk and codec release here:

Latest VP8-enabled version of Skype can be downloaded from their website: