Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Amazon Kindle an iPad Killer

Can Highly awaited Amazon's Kindle be an Apple iPad, BlackBerry Playbook Killer? Check out all the details of upcoming Amazon's 7-inch Kindle priced at around $250.

There were rumors about Amazon entering the tablet market, and now TechCrunch's MG Siegler says that the device is indeed real and is being tested at Amazon's Seattle HQ. Seigler even got a hands on with the tablet, unfortunately he wasn't permitted to click pictures.

He also pointed out "Look at a BlackBerry PlayBook — because it looks very similar in terms of form-factor."

Features according to reports:
- 7-inch Tablet
- Capacitive Touch Screen
- Multi-touch
- First Kindle with a full-color screen.
- 6GB of built-in storage
- No physical buttons on the surface of the device.
- No camera
- Wi-Fi

- Will be a fork of Android 2.2, with very different looks.
- Single core CPU processor
- Micro-USB port
- Most important it will be priced around $250 only.

Amazon has been able to cut the cost of the device to half of the entry-level of Apple iPad.

It has a Dock for apps and favorite items, and has been integrated with Amazon Store, Kindle books, music from Amazon Cloud Player, default Google Search, video streaming, Amazon’s Android Appstore, free Amazon Prime account and 10 hours or more of battery life.

According to Siegler the UI is very responsive. You can flick through the carousel seamlessly. There is a web browser pretty much the same as the Android’s WebKit browser.

Amazon is also testing a redesign of its website ahead of the tablet launch to promote the device via Amazon.com. The new design will be cleaner and less cluttered, with more white space and a larger search box.

Amazon started rolling out the new design in the last days of August, spokeswoman Sally Fouts said in an email on Sunday. "We are continuing to roll out the new design to additional customers, but I can't speculate on when the new design will be live for everyone," Fouts wrote.

What do you think? Can Kindle be a serious competitor for the high end tablets?

A low price tag could make it the iPad’s top competitor, leaving many tablet manufactures on their toes.

Users always look for low cost devices, but don't forget they don't compromise on some major features that device has to provide.

No camera, Only Wi-Fi in initial releases, single core processors, Lower version of Android, less integration for Android market and some other features leave us with some questions. But we should not forget that Amazon knows how to market their product very well and they always keep in mind all user aspects via features and free stuff.

How users see this move from Amazon? Will it make a place for its own in the market with such a low cost and also providing almost all major features that user demands. With the launch of kindle will there a be new segment altogether?

With time to time we will be providing more updates on features of device.

What are your views? Please share your thoughts with us.


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