Friday, September 9, 2011

The Big Picture, Google Green

Google has added a new section called “The Big Picture” to their Google Green site with numbers on their annual energy use and carbon footprint.

As reported earlier "Gmail, YouTube Are More Energy Efficient " in a post, shows the honest attempt of Google to make the environment green. To add to this Google has announced an addition to their Google Green site, “The Big Picture”.

Urs Hoelzle, Senior Vice President, Technical Infrastructure in a post on their blog wrote,

"We’ve worked hard to reduce the amount of energy our services use. In fact, to provide you with Google products for a month—not just search, but Google+, Gmail, YouTube and everything else we have to offer—our servers use less energy per user than a light left on for three hours. We’ve learned a lot in the process of reducing our environmental impact, so we’ve added a new section called “The Big Picture” to our Google Green site with numbers on our annual energy use and carbon footprint."

According to Google Senior Vice-President Urs Hoelzle, the company has maintained a carbon-neutral imprint since 2007.

From Google Green
Energy Efficient Data Centers
Google data centers are some of the most efficient in the world. Specifically, data centers use only 50% of the energy of most other data centers.

More Greener
Google is working to buy electricity directly from wind farms near their data centers.

Process of getting to Zero
Google says that they are working very hard to make sure that their operations use as little energy as possible.

More use of Renewable Energy
Large solar panel installation at our Mountain View campus and two wind farms to power data centers.

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More Carbon Offsets
To eliminate impact on climate change, Google invest in projects that reduce carbon emissions at another source outside of Google.

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The use of cloud computing and renewable resources is getting a lot of appreciation in order to make the world a better place to live in.

Green computing hold the key in future projects for all major companies. The practice should be such that the complete design, manufacture and dispose unit for computers and server systems adhere minimal or no impact on the environment.

Chip makers Intel and AMD have made significant strides in improving the energy efficiency of their processors, and new vendors are building servers based on low-power processors.

These efforts from Google should encourage other companies to use techniques that help in reducing the carbon emissions. Green IT needs to be encouraged more and for that big companies have to make some big steps.
We just hope more and more efforts are made in this area from other companies too.

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Do you use energy efficient resources for your use? Please share your views on making environment more green. Post Comments.


[via Google Green]