Tuesday, August 16, 2011

LinkedIn Launches Improved Apps for iPhone & Android

LinkedIn is rolling out new and improved iPhone, Android and HTML5 mobile apps. In addition to mobile apps, LinkedIn has recently revamped its Groups product and added LinkedIn Today, a social news service for professionals to keep track of business-related topics.

These are all designed to make LinkedIn more of an everyday service for professionals.
LinkedIn on blog says "the new apps are faster, simpler and better" and claims speed improvements from 2 to 10 percent, depending on the feature you are using.

LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner recently said "Mobile is already an area of strng growth for LinkedIn. Mobile page views were up 400% year over year, now LinkedIn wants to push that usage further."

The HTML5-optimized version, along with updated iPhone and Android apps, are getting entirely new user experiences that are touted to be faster, simpler, and better overall than previous versions.

Some features include:

1. Mobile apps will be much more faster across all features

2. Four sections are embedded for users: Inbox, Updates, Groups & More and your profile, connections, etc.

3. To stay up-to-date with connections the Updates news stream is at the front of the app.

In addition to this update LinkedIn says that the company will be adding additional features to its mobile apps over the coming months.

Check the the official video:

With this update major question rise that:
Whether it can get enough users to keep coming back every day to use LinkedIn. That is, whether the business social networking company can get people to use the service beyond job hunting or job recruiting.

If this apps gets user to do so then it will definitely increase the LinkedIn value.

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