Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Facebook Releases New Features On Left-side Naviagtion Bar

Facebook Today has started the update to their left side navigation bar which improves user experience with enhanced bookmarks and notifications for Pages, Groups and Apps.

The Updates were announced last week officially on Facebook developer blog Making Apps on Facebook more engaging and social by Bruce Rogers.

The new version of the navigation is divided into four groups: Favorites, Pages, Groups and Apps. Favorites includes direct links to popular Facebook features such as News Feed or Events. The Pages and Groups sections each list the two most popular Pages and Groups you use, along with a notifications number to the right-hand side. Game Requests and App Requests look almost identical to the previous version of the navigation menu.

Improvements on Homepage Bookmark

Update provides the number and order of bookmarks in the groups and apps section dynamic for each user. Update also added the ability to add bookmarks to a “Favorites” section which appears at the top of all bookmarks to make it even easier for users to get back to the apps and games that they love.

Quality Distribution

Bruce Says "Our goal with News Feed is to surface the most relevant stories to users from their friends, including high quality content from apps. We’ve begun rolling out a new ranking system that better surfaces app stories to the people who will most likely to engage with it, including those who don’t already use the app. Apps that post stream content which results in high user engagement will see more impressions for their stories. Conversely apps whose content is frequently hidden or marked as spam will see lower impressions. You should focus on publishing higher quality content and track user interaction in the Insights Dashboard to optimize for this system."

This update has restructured Facebook navigation menu. Do you like it?
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