Sunday, August 21, 2011

Skype Acquires GroupMe Group Messaging Services

Skype, one of the most popular online phone client, has agreed to acquire GroupMe, a provider of mobile group messaging services that helps users stay in touch and make decisions.

Skype’s CEO Tony Bates announced it on the blog via a post and said "I'm delighted to announce we're acquiring GroupMe, a provider of mobile group messaging services that helps users stay in touch and make decisions.This acquisition is another step towards our vision to provide a global multi-modal and multi-platform communications experience. It complements our existing leadership in voice and video communications by providing best in class mobile text-based communications and innovative features around group messaging that enable users to connect, share locations and photos and make plans with their closest ties."

The GroupMe is one of the popular group messaging service that works across mobile devices and platforms. GroupMe is the easiest way to start conversations and keep in touch with your real life network. It's totally free, and it works on every phone. It will make a perfect addition to Skype with its voice, video and text products.
GroupMe sends more than 100 million texts per month and has a few million users.

Jared Hecht, GroupMe's Co-Founder also pointed out that their goal is to continue developing tools that make it easier for people to communicate, share, and stay in touch with their close and important ties.

This acquisition of GroupMe from Skype will lead to benefit both the companies as Skype will get to integrate group messaging and from GroupMe's point of view it help the company to increase its hold as the competition is increasing day by day from Google+, Facebook's messages and also from Apple.

How do you see this move from both the companies?

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