Friday, September 9, 2011

Fast Boot Times in Windows 8

Expectations are increasing from Windows 8, from time to time we are receiving updates from Microsoft about Windows 8 and this time its about rapid booting and faster shutdown.

Steven Sinofsky, in a latest blog post explained boot times in Windows 8 will be reduced to 30-70%.
He wrote,

"We designed Windows 8 so that you shouldn't have to boot all that often (and we are always going to work on reducing the number of required restarts due to patching running code). But when you do boot we want it to be as fast as possible."

According to Microsoft Team, data shows that 57% of desktop PC users and 45% of laptop users shut down their machines rather than putting them to sleep. Overall, half of all of users shut down their machines rather than putting them to sleep.

Windows 8 design would be such without requiring some special new hardware, these goals can be achieved:

1. Effectively zero watt power draw when off.
2. A fresh session after boot.
3. Very fast times between pressing the power button and being able to use the PC.

Via Official blog : Representation of different phases between cold boot and fast startup.

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As a user it is always annoying if PC boots slowly and shuts down very late. We have seen some drastic improvements over the years from Microsoft for faster booting. Windows 7 is far better than Windows XP in booting and shut down time. Now if the above facts are taken into consideration then the time will further be reduced to a great extent in Windows 8.

Still there will be lot of dependencies like the kind of processor, RAM, ROM and clock speed that will be involved. So the time for boot cant be efficient for all kind of users. But any improvement will always be appreciated by the users.

Watch the official video shared by Microsoft:

For more details how faster boot times will be achieved click here.

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