Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Google+ now Public With New Features

Google+ has been in field trial for quite some time now, today Google announced that Google+ is now available for everyone and also introduced 9 more features for G+.

Announcement came through a post on the official Google Blog, with an eye catching title "Google+: 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99... 100."

Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice President of Engineering, Google wrote,

"The Google+ project has been in field trial for just under 90 days, and in that time we’ve made 91 different improvements. Google+ is still in its infancy, of course, but we’re more excited than ever to bring the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to software. Today we’re releasing nine more features that get us that much closer."

One of the Nine features introduced was "+Everyone", means "anyone can sign up for Google+, no invitation required." Google is promoting this feature in a very unique way. See the shot below, an arrow pointing to Google+ on their homepage. Very interesting way of getting attention of millions of users of Google.

To Sign up for Google+ follow this link - Sign Up

Hangouts just got Wider and Bigger
One of the most popular feature of Google+ is Hangouts, today Google+ announced the launch of Hangouts for mobile phone.
This new feature is currently supported by Android 2.3+ devices with front-facing cameras. Google assured users that iOS support is coming soon.

The new mobile app is now available on Android market for download.
Here is the link - Google+

Hangouts now can be made as Public. Google has launched "Hangouts On Air", for broadcasting Hangouts as Public.

Some more features introduced for Hangouts includes Screensharing to share whatever is on your screen, Sketchpad for draw or scribble, Google Docs to present something and Named Hangouts for when you want to join or create a public hangout about a certain topic.

Searching People and Topics now available
This is one of the feature many of current Google+ lovers were missing. Searching for people and topics. Check out how search results appear now for people and topics.

For us its just a beginning, lot more is expected in coming weeks from Google+. We can expect lots of new stuff and improvements on current feature.
We would definitely love to see some improvements in stream and notifications area.

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This was expected from Google as launch of new features are getting closer from Facebook as F8 is just round the corner.


[source Google Official Blog]