Thursday, September 15, 2011

Facebook The Breakaway Brand

Facebook, One of the most popular Social Networking site is Listed as Top Breakaway Brand for 2011 with a growth rate of 195%.

Landor, Strategic Brand Consulting services released a list of "Breakaway Brands of 2011" in which Facebook tops the chart with a growth rate of 195% for 2007-2010.

Other Brands that are on list are Skype, YouTube, Netflix, Samsung, Apple, iTunes, Amazon, Reese's and National Guard.

This list may not be necessarily based on earnings of the brand. Based more on how a brand has gained a consistent strength over time.

Brand strength is determined using three years of consumer survey data from the BrandAsset Valuator (BAV) U.S. database.

Landor Associates, in the article published,

"This year, our list of top Breakaway Brands reflects these generational extremes, comprising both the contemporary and the classic. Some of the Breakaway Brands on our list are a blast from the past, yet they remain relevant in today’s fast-moving world. The other brands are straight from the future and until recently were just young upstarts, but now they’ve become part of the new American brandscape."

Here is the list of Breakaway brands of 2011 from Landor

Many figures released this year showing the increase in popularity of Facebook and how it is growing day by day. The list reflects the same image of Facebook. The growth is huge, after Facebook Skype is ranked second with growth rate of 79%, less than half of Facebook.

Skype ranked second in the list, shows the "Call Giant" is also doing well in the market. Skype recently purchased GroupMe, a group messaging service to gain more strength for its services.

Ranked third is "YouTube", before YouTube there was no easy way to share video online. Now anyone can upload, comment on, and share videos easily. And Google’s purchase of the site underlines its legitimacy as an online video leader.

Netflix is next, and came as a big surprise for us. Netflix has redefined the entertainment category emerging as one of the popular TV shows & movies streaming service.

Apple, iTunes and Samsung was some other brands to look out in the list with marginal difference of growth rate between them.

Landor, also released a list of Five Brands to watch out for in coming time.

What are your views on this list? Any of your favorite brand that you were looking for is not on list. Do share your views with us.


[source Landor]