Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Facebook Introduces New Subscribe Button

Some more updates have been released by Facebook for Customizing the News Feed for your account, new feature introduced is "Subscribe Button".

Again with the feature we get the feel and measure of Google+ features. Some similar actions can be performed in Google+.

Zach Rait, Facebook, on a post on the official blog introduced this feature to users and said,

"Until now, it hasn't been easy to choose exactly what you see in your News Feed. Maybe you don't want to see every time your brother plays a game on Facebook, for example. Or maybe you'd like to see more stories from your best friends, and fewer from your coworkers."

New Subscribe Button will make things easy and more customizable for user. User can now choose what to read in News feed and what not to.

Main features of Subscribe button:

Choose what you see from people in News Feed
You can now choose from "All updates", "Most updates" and "Important updates only."

Subscribe to People or Public figures Not on Friend List
Powers you to hear from people(not friends) like journalists, artists and political figures.

Post as Public
People who subscribed you will get to see your posts shared as Public in their News Feeds.

With the new Subscribe button we again feel the touch of G+ involved in overall features. Like Post as Public in G+ can be viewed by your followers. Now this feature will be available for Facebook users as well. The new News Feed Update is also very similar to Circles of G+.

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Although thought is same, in case of Facebook we can expect more enhancements. As we can mentioned in previous post as well, functions look like similar but with advanced features.

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Lets wait and see how Google+ responds to these updates from Facebook.
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