Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Windows 8 - Features, Details and Preview

Windows 8 Developer Edition is now avalaible for download, TheWebCrunch Team summarized some of features for users who are curious to know what all to expect from Windows 8.


Without a doubt Windows 8 will be highly graphical and much more improved version of Operating system. More optimized Explorer, highly responding commands, new functionality, new introduced Ribbon UI and much more.

Check - New Explorer Looks and Features


Windows 8 has been structured in such a way that it works on tablets, laptops and desktops. Windows 8 introduced new Metro experience—fast and fluid, immersive, beautiful, and app-centric. Users can access the Metro view or the familiar desktop view with a simple click. That makes it compatible on all the devices we can imagine.

C. Support for new Technology

It will support new and more faster technologies. Inbuilt support for many functions and new data driven mechanism are added. As reported earlier it will have Robust USB 3.0 support and Native Support for ISO Images and VHD Files.. As demonstrated earlier we can expect much fast boot times with Windows 8. User Experience had been the key for this version of Windows.

D. Touch Compatible

Windows 8 key is Touch Screen Experience. But we must not forget as mentioned by Microsoft Windows 8 team that this version of OS is "No compromise," means working with keyboard and mouse will be an ease. With a click of a tap you can navigate to different interface taking you to whole new world of apps, games and lot more. Steven Sinofsky, Microsoft, says,
"In Windows 8, we are taking the next step in adopting touch as a truly first-class input mechanism by evolving not only our UI, but many other platform elements as well."

E. Microsoft also announced the launch of "App Store" for Windows 8. You will soon be able to gain access to the App world from Windows. With that you get Live tiles with notifications, showing always up-to-date information from your apps.

F. Metro Style Browsing

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